Genesis Christian Academy is dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence. We use ABeka curriculum from Pensacola Christian College Press, ACE curriculum from Accelerated Christian Education and Teaching Textbooks.

The Kindergarten through 2nd grade traditional classes use the ABeka curriculum which has a strong phonics approach to reading. The program’s emphasis is on reading, writing, mathematics, history, science/health, and language arts. Character instruction and Bible are also part of the daily instruction. Individualized curriculum is used for 3rd through 12th grade. The curriculum is ABeka, ACE and Teaching Textbooks. The ACE curriculum specializes in educating the child according to his/her academic needs. All of the core subjects, as well as several electives are offered.

Whether the student is a high achiever, a moderately paced learner, or a slow learner, the educational process begins at the exact level determined by the child’s ability. This is individualization making it possible for each student to master the subject matter before moving on. Such mastery is the foundation upon which all future learning is built.